A simple Dwoo template engine implementation for CodeIgniter via Parser library.
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This was changed to protected in later versions, and there was no real solution until I added the get_vars() method to the CI Loader.



Version: 2.0

Dwoo is a PHP based templating engine aimed as a replacement for Smarty 2.x using similar and alternative syntax. CodeIgniter-Dwoo is a simple implementation for using Dwoo in your CodeIgniter view files.


  1. PHP 5.2+
  2. CodeIgniter 1.6.x - 2.0-dev
  3. Dwoo 1.2-dev (grab a copy from GitHub)

Requirements for Dwoo alone are:

  • SPL and PCRE extensions (for php versions prior to 5.3.0)
  • mbstring extension for some string manipulation plugins (especially if you intend to use UTF-8)


  1. Download Dwoo and copy the main /dwoo/ folder into your application/libraries/ folder.

  2. Copy libraries/MY_Parser.php to your application/libraries/ folder.

  3. Copy config/parser.php to your application/config/ folder.

  4. Create the folders:

    application/cache application/cache/dwoo application/cache/dwoo/compiled

  5. Set the new folders file permissions to be write-able:

    chmod -R 777 application/cache



$this->parser->parse('dwoo_test', array('message' => 'OH HAI!'));