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CodeIgniter-REST Client

CodeIgniter-REST Client is a CodeIgniter library which makes it easy to do use REST services/API's such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, whether they are public or hidden behind HTTP Basic/Digest. The examples below are VERY simple ones and more can much more can be done with it.

Please take a look at the code to see about things like api_key() and other post/put/delete methods.


  1. PHP 5.1+
  2. CodeIgniter 2.0.0+
  3. cURL
  4. CodeIgniter Curl library:


// Load the rest client spark

// Load the library

// Set config options (only 'server' is required to work)

$config = array('server' 			=> '',
				//'api_key'			=> 'Setec_Astronomy'
				//'api_name'		=> 'X-API-KEY'
				//'http_user' 		=> 'username',
				//'http_pass' 		=> 'password',
				//'http_auth' 		=> 'basic',
				//'ssl_verify_peer' => TRUE,
				//'ssl_cainfo' 		=> '/certs/cert.pem'

// Run some setup

// Pull in an array of tweets
$tweets = $this->rest->get('statuses/user_timeline/'.$username.'.xml');


CodeIgniter Rest Client was origionally written by Phil Sturgeon, The following people have contributed to this project: