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PHP-PS (Portable Shell)

PHP-PS is a portable PHP5 shell that can run chunks of PHP interactively. A few others exist with more bash-like interaction, but they require PECL and PHP extensions to be installed. This one will work anywhere.

Based on original script by:

David Phillips <>

The original script had a few errors, required Readline PHP module, would close on an empty line, didn't work with PHP 5.2+ and was missing a few things but was a brilliant piece of code.

I have converted it to use a class simplify the "namespacing" of code. This should avoid conflicts with the interactive code just as well as the original, but be a lot more readable.


$ php pshell
PHP 5.3.1 (cli) (Feb 11 2010 16:21:20) [Darwin]
>>> 1+1


1. Get it working nicely with more output types.
2. Improve error handling.
3. If possible support history on up. Probably not without some extensions.