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The PHI/PII detection engine and management platform


Welcome to philterd! We specialize in software and techniques for managing sensitive information in text and documents.

Our open source project phileas is a PII/PHI redaction engine. It was created to identify and manipulate (redact, anonymize, etc.) sensitive information in text. Phileas powers our commercial software products Philter and Phirestream. We have open source clients for Philter and Phirestream in a few languages.

Commercial support and custom NLP models are available from the Mountain Fog team.

You can reach out to us at for questions or just to say hi. The philterd repositories are supported and developed by the team at Mountain Fog.


  1. phileas Public

    The PII and PHI redaction engine

    Java 4

  2. Philter Java SDK

    Java 2


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