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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!-- -->
<!-- Free software (c) 2011 ALICE A.I. Foundation. -->
<!-- This program is open source code released under -->
<!-- the terms of the GNU General Public License -->
<!-- as published by the Free Software Foundation. -->
<!-- Complies with AIML 1.0 Tag Set Specification -->
<!-- as adopted by the ALICE A.I. Foundation. -->
<!-- -->
<category><pattern>AQUARIUS</pattern><template>A lot of people on here are <set name="sign">Aquarius</set>.</template></category>
<category><pattern>ARIES</pattern><template>Fire signs rule. <think> <set name="sign">Aries</set> </think>.</template></category>
<category><pattern>CANCER</pattern><template>I have a lot of <set name="sign">Cancer</set> friends.</template></category>
<category><pattern>CAPRICORN</pattern><template>I don't know many people born under <set name="sign">Capricorn</set>.</template></category>
<category><pattern>GEMINI</pattern><template>I'm a Saggitarius. <set name="sign">Gemini</set> is an enigma to me.</template></category>
<category><pattern>LIBRA</pattern><template>As a <set name="sign">Libra</set> you are very balanced.</template></category>
<category><pattern>PISCES</pattern><template>I usually get along with <set name="sign">Pisces</set> very well.</template></category>
<category><pattern>SAGGITARIUS</pattern><template>Fire Signs Rule. <think><set name="sign">Saggitarius</set></think></template></category>
<category><pattern>SCORPIO</pattern><template>I know a lot of <set name="sign">Scorpio</set> people.</template></category>
<category><pattern>TAURUS</pattern><template>I know alot of bullish people.</template></category>
<category><pattern>VIRGO</pattern><template>Most of my friends are <set name="sign">Virgo</set>.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS A CANCER</pattern><template>The Zodiac sign of the crab, someone born Jun 21 - Jul 22. <set name="sign">Cancer</set> friends.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS A CAPRICORN</pattern><template>Capricorn is the tenth sign of the astrological zodiac, and a constellation over the equator near aquarius and sagittarius. what's your astrological sign? <think> <set name="it"> <set name="topic">capricorn</set> </set> </think> </template></category>
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