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Hive admin-side theme for Textpattern CMS

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This project is the source for the default admin theme that ships as standard with Textpattern CMS as of v4.6.0 onwards.

Supported web browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11.
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera the last two recent stable releases.


Building this source repository requires:

Build setup

Installing required tools

The project uses Grunt to run tasks and Sass for CSS pre-processing. First make sure you have base dependencies installed: Node.js and Grunt. You can install Node using the installer and Grunt with npm:

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Consult the Grunt documentation for more instructions if necessary. You might need to use sudo npm install -g grunt-cli instead when installing on certain Unix-based systems.

Installing dependencies

After you have the base dependencies taken care of, you can install the project’s dependencies. Navigate to the project’s directory, and run the dependency managers:

$ cd textpattern-hive-admin-theme
$ npm install

npm installs Node modules for Grunt. You might need to use sudo npm install instead when installing on certain Unix-based systems.


This repository hosts sources and needs to be built before it can be used. After you have installed all dependencies, you will be able to run tasks using Grunt, including building:

$ grunt [task]

Where the [task] is either build or watch.

  • The build task builds the project.
  • The watch task will launch a task that watches for file changes; the project is then automatically built if a source file is modified.

Pre-built version

We provide a pre-built version of the theme files within the dist directory in case you don’t want to build it yourself.


Released under the GNU General Public License, see LICENSE.txt for terms and conditions.

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