Spring JSF Integration (for Spring 3 & JSF 2)
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Latest commit b5beb7d Mar 9, 2013 Pedro Casagrande de Campos committed with Allow UISelectItemsConverter in saved state
Update UISelectItems.UISelectItemsConverter to be a public static class
allowing it to be saved with component state. The UISelectItems
component is not located by searching children from the getAsString()

Also add new integration test to ensure that the error does not
resurface again in the future.

Issue: 53


Spring JSF Integration (for Spring 3 & JSF 2) http://coderphil.wordpress.com/

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Build using Maven 3.0.3 or above mvn clean install

For full integration tests mvn -Pintegrationtest clean install

Running the sample

To run the travel advisor sample application:

cd springfaces-samples/springfaces-traveladvisor mvn cargo:run http://localhost:8080/springfaces-traveladvisor/spring/advisor/cities/search