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A suite of programmes to collect and analyse open rail data.

  • cifdb - Fetch the full timetable and daily timetable updates and record in database.
  • stompy - A STOMP intermediary which spools received data if clients are unable to process it.
  • vstpdb - Collect VSTP timetable updates and record in database.
  • trustdb - Collect train movement reports and record in database.
  • tddb - Collect train describer information and record in database.
  • archdb - Archive database records older than a specified age.
  • liverail - Web display of timetable and train running information.
  • livesig - Web display of signalbox diagrams.
  • service-report - Provide a report on the quality of the passenger train service at a specified station.

This whole set of software is very much a work in progress, and will be updated at the author's convenience. It should be considered as example code to help you build an open rail data system, rather than as a fully-functioning product - Although it does pretty much work out of the box.

To see the system in action, go to

For installation advice see Installation Procedure.

See also Future Developments and Known Issues.

New Release Z218

See Release Z218 for details.

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