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Mar. 10, 2010 - Phing 2.4.1
[460] FtpDeployTask error
[458] PHPCodeSniffer Task throws Exceptions
[456] Fileset's dir should honor expandsymboliclinks
[449] ZipTask creates ZIP file but doesn't set file/dir attributes
[448] PatchTask
[447] SVNCopy task is not documented
[446] Add documentation describing phpdocext
[444] PhpCodeSnifferTask fails to generate a checkstyle-like output
[443] HttpRequestTask is very desirable
[442] public key support for scp and ssh tasks
[436] Windows phing.bat can't handle PHP paths with spaces
[435] Phing download link broken in bibliography
[433] Error in Documentation in Book under Writing a simple Buildfile
[432] would be nice to create CoverateThresholdTask
[431] integrate Phing with PHP Mess Detector and PHP_Depend
[430] FtpDeployTask is extremely un-verbose...
[428] Ability to specify the default build listener in build file
[426] SvnExport task documentation does not mention "revision" property
[421] ExportProperties class incorrectly named
[420] Typo in setExcludeGroups function of PHPUnitTask
[418] Minor improvement for PhpLintTask
Jan. 17, 2010 - Phing 2.4.0
[414] PhpLintTask: retrieving bad files
[413] PDOSQLExecTask does not recognize "delimiter" command
[411] PhpEvalTask calculation should not always returns anything
[410] Allow setting alias for Phar files as well as a custom stub
[384] Delete directories fails on '[0]' name
Dec. 17, 2009 - Phing 2.4.0 RC3
[407] some error with svn info
[406] an ability to turn phpLint verbose ON and OFF
[405] I can't get a new version of Phing through PEAR
[402] Add fileset/filelist support to scp tasks
[401] PHPUnitTask 'summary' formatter produces a long list of results
[400] Support for Clover coverage XML
[399] PhpDocumentorExternal stops in method constructArguments
[398] Error using ResolvePath on Windows
[397] DbDeployTask only looks for -- //@UNDO (requires space)
[396] PDOSQLExecTask requires both fileset and filelist, rather than either or
[395] PharPackageTask fails to compress files
[394] Fix differences in zip and tar tasks
[393] prefix parameter for tar task
[391] Docs: PharPackageTask 'compress' attribute wrong
[389] Code coverage shows incorrect results Part2
[388] Beautify directory names in zip archives
[387] IoncubeEncoderTask noshortopentags
[386] PhpCpd output to screen
[385] Directory ignored in PhpCpdTask.php
[382] Add prefix parameter to ZipTask
[381] FtpDeployTask: invalid default transfer mode
[380] How to use PhpDocumentorExternalTask
[379] PHPUnit error handler issue
[378] PHPUnit task bootstrap file included too late
[377] Code coverage shows incorrect results
[376] ReplaceToken boolean problems
[375] error in docs for echo task
[373] grammar errors
[367] Can't build simple build.xml file
[361] Bug in PHPCodeSnifferTask
[360] && transfers into & in new created task
[309] startdir and 'current directory' not the same when build.xml not in current directory
[268] Patch - xmlproperties Task
[204] Resolve task class names with PEAR/ZEND/etc. naming convention
[137] Excluded files may be included in Zip/Tar tasks
Oct. 20, 2009 - Phing 2.4.0 RC2
[370] Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite
[366] Broken link in "Getting Started/More Complex Buildfile"
[365] Phing 2.4rc1 via pear is not usable
[364] 2.4.0-rc1 download links broken
[363] PHPUnit task fails with formatter type 'xml'
[359] 403 for Documentation (User Guide) Phing HEAD
[355] PDOSQLExecTask should accept filelist subelement
[352] Add API documentation
Sep. 14, 2009 - Phing 2.4.0 RC1
[362] Can't get phpunit code coverage to export as XML
[361] Bug in PHPCodeSnifferTask
[357] SvnLastRevisionTask fails when locale != EN
[356] Documentation for tasks Chmod and Chown
[349] JslLint task fails to escape shell argument
[347] PHPUnit / Coverage tasks do not deal with bootstrap code
[344] Phing ignores public static array named $browsers in Selenium tests
[342] custom-made re-engine in SelectorUtils is awful slow
[339] PHAR signature setting
[336] Use intval to loop through files
[333] XmlLogger doesn't ensure proper ut8 encoding of log messages
[332] Conditions: uptodate does not work
[331] UpToDateTask documentation says that nested FileSet tags are allowed
[330] "DirectoryScanner cannot find a folder/file named ""0"" (zero)"
[326] Add revision to svncheckout and svnupdate
[325] "<filterchain id=""xxx""> and <filterchain refid=""xxx""> don't work"
[322] phpdoc task not parsing and including RIC files in documentation output
[319] Simpletest sometimes reports an undefined variable
[317] PhpCodeSnifferTask lacks of haltonerror and haltonwarning attributes
[316] Make haltonfailure attribute for ZendCodeAnalyzerTask
[312] SimpleTestXMLResultFormatter
[311] Fileset support for the TouchTask?
[307] Replaceregexp filter works in Copy task but not Move task
[306] Command-line option to output the <target> description attribute text
[303] Documentation of Task Tag SimpleTest
[300] ExecTask should return command output as a property (different from passthru)
[299] PhingCall crashes if an AdhocTask is defined
[292] Svn copy task
[290] Add facility for setting resolveExternals property of DomDocument object in XML related tasks
[289] Undefined property in XincludeFilter class
[282] Import Task fix/improvement
[280] Add Phar support (task) to Phing
[279] Add documentation to PHK package task
[278] Add PHK package task
[277] PhpCodeSnifferTask has mis-named class, patch included
[273] PHPUnit 3.3RC1 error in phpunit task adding files to filter
[270] [patch] ReplaceRegExp
[269] Allow properties to be recursively named.
[263] phpunit code coverage file format change
[262] Archive_Zip fails to extract on Windows
[261] UnZip task reports success on failure on Windows
[259] Unneeded warning in Untar task
[256] Ignore dead code in code coverage
[254] Add extra debug resultformatter to the simpletest task
[252] foreach on a fileset
[248] Extend taskdef task to allow property file style imports
[247] New task: Import
[246] Phing test brocken but no failure entry if test case class has no test method
[245] TAR task
[243] Delete task won't delete all files
[240] phing test succesful while phpunit test is broken
[233] Separate docs from phing package
[231] File::exists() returns false on *existing* but broken symlinks
[229] CopyTask shoul accept filelist subelement
[226] <move> task doesn't support filters
[222] Terminal output dissapears and/or changes color
[221] Support for copying symlinks as is
[212] Make file perms configurable in copy task
[209] Cache the results of PHPLintTask so as to not check unmodified files
[187] "ExecTask attribute ""passthru"" to make use of the PHP function ""passthru"""
[21] svn tasks doesn't work
Dec. 8, 2008 - Phing 2.3.3
[314] <phpunit> task does not work
[313] Incorrect PhpDoc package of SimpleTestResultFormatter
[302] Incorrect error detecting in XSLT filter
[293] Contains condition fails on case-insensitive checks
[291] The release package is not the one as the version(2.3.2) suppose to be
Oct. 16, 2008 - Phing 2.3.2
[296] Problem with the Phing plugin with Hudson CI Tool
[288] Comment syntax for dbdeploy violates standard
Oct. 16, 2008 - Phing 2.3.1
[287] DateSelector.php bug
[286] dbdeploy failes with MySQL strict mode
[285] Syntax error in dbdeploy task
[284] XSL Errors in coverage-report task
[275] AnsiColorLogger should not be final
[274] PHPUnit 3.3RC1 incompatibility with code coverage
[272] Using CDATA with ReplaceTokens values
[271] Warning on iterating over empty keys
[264] Illeal use of max() with empty array
[260] Error processing reults: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2053 when executing inserts or create statements.
[258] getPhingVersion + printVersion should be public static
[255] Timestamp in Phing Properties for Echo etc
[253] CCS nav bug on site
[251] debug statement in Path datatype for DirSet
[249] See failed tests in console
[244] Phing pear install nor working
[242] Log incomplete and skipped tests for phpunit3
[241] FtpDeployTask reports FTP port as FTP server on error
[239] ExecTask shows no output from running command
[238] Bug in SummaryPHPUnit3ResultFormatter
[237] Several PHP errors in XSLTProcessor
[236] Do not show passwords for svn in log
[234] typo in foreach task documentation
[230] Fatal error: Call to undefined method PHPUnit2_Framework_TestResult::skippedCount() in /usr/local/lib/php/phing/tasks/ext/phpunit/PHPUnitTestRunner.php on line 120
[227] simpletestformaterelement bad require
[225] Missing Software Dependence in documentation
[224] Path class duplicates absolute path on subsequent path includes
[220] AnsiColorLogger colors cannot be changed by
[219] Add new chown task
[218] Clear support of PHPUnit versions
[217] Memory limit in phpdoc
[216] output messages about errors and warnings in JslLint task
[215] boolean attributes of task PhpCodeSniffer are wrong
[214] PhpCodeSnifferTask should be able to output file
[213] Error in documentation task related to copy task
[211] XSLT does not handle multiple testcase nodes for the same test method
[210] Reworked PhpDocumentorExternalTask
[208] ReplaceRegexp problem with newline as replace string
[207] PhpLintTask: optional use a different PHP interpreter
[206] Installation guide out of date (phing fails to run)
[205] AvailableTask::_checkResource ends up with an exception if resource isn't found.
[203] ExecTask returnProperty
[202] Add PHP_CodeSniffer task
[201] "Improve Phing's ability to work as an ""embedded"" process"
[200] Additional attribute for SvnUpdateTask
[199] Invalid error message in delete task when deleting directory fails.
[198] PDO SQL exec task unable to handle multi-line statements
[197] phing delete task sometimes fails to delete file that could be deleted
[195] SvnLastRevisionTask fails if Subversion is localized (Spanish)
[194] haltonincomplete attribute for phpunit task
[193] Manifest Task
[192] Error when skip test
[191] Akismet says content is spam
[190] Add test name in printsummary in PHPUnit task
[185] PHPUnit_MAIN_METHOD defined more than once
[184] PlainPHPUnit3ResultFormatter filteres test in stack trace
[183] Undefined variable in PhingTask.php
[182] Undefined variable in SummaryPHPUnit3ResultFormatter
[181] PhingCallTask should call setHaltOnFailure
[179] Add documentation for TidyFilter
[178] printsummary doens work in PHP Unit task
[177] Only write ConfigurationExceptions to stdout
[176] Cleanup installation documentation.
[175] passing aarguments to phing
[169] Spurious PHP Error from XSLT Filter
[150] unable to include phpdocumentor.ini in PHPDoc-Task
[15] FTP upload task
Nov. 3, 2007 - Phing 2.3.0
[174] Add differentiation for build loggers that require explicit streams to be set
[173] Add 'value' alias to XSLTParam type.
[172] broken phpunit2-frames.xsl
[171] Allow results from selector to be loosely type matched to true/false
[170] SvnLastRevisionTask cannot get SVN revision number on single file
[168] XincludeFilter PHP Error
[167] Add new formatter support for PDOSQLExecTask
[166] Change CreoleTask to use <creole> tagname instead of <sql>
[165] Add support for PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite subclasses in fileset of test classes
[164] Failed build results in empty log.xml
[163] Add stripwhitespace filter
[162] Add @pattern alias for @name in <fileset>
[161] phing/etc directory missing (breaking PHPUnit)
[157] Fatal error in PDOSQLExecTask when using filesets
[155] <delete> fails when it encounters symlink pointing to non-writable file
[154] Suggestion to add attribute to PDOSQLExecTask for fetch_style
[153] sqlite select failure
[152] result of PHP-Unit seems to be incorrect
[151] add group-option to PHPUnit-Task
[149] using TestSuites in fileset of PHPUnit-Task
[148] remove dependency to PEAR in PHPUnit-Task
[146] Illegal offset type PHP notice in CopyTask
[143] Example for PhpDocumentor task has typographical errors and a wrong attribute.
[142] SvnCheckout task only makes non-recursive checkouts.
[141] Add 'recursive' attribute to svncheckout task.
[136] Attribute os of ExecTask is not working
[135] add source file attribute for code coverage xml report
[133] Error in documenation: AppendTask
[129] Typo in documentation
[128] <pearpkg2> is missing in the doc completely
[127] Error in documentation
[126] Typo in documentation
[122] PearPackage2Task Replacements don't seem to work
[121] BUILD FAILED use JsLintTask
[119] PhpDocumentorTask fails when trying to use parsePrivate attribute.
[118] custom tasks have this->project == null
[117] CoverageSetupTask and autoloaders
[116] Test unit don't report notice or strict warnings
[110] "Add ""errorproperty"" attribute to PhpLintTask"
[107] SvnLastRevisionTask doesn't work with repositoryUrl
[106] "document ""haltonfailure"" attribute for phplint task"
[105] FileSystemUnix::normalize method: Improve handling
[97] delete dir and mkdir are incompatible
[92] Inconsistent newlines in PHP files
[91] Improve detection for PHPUnit3
[83] "XmlLogger improperly handling ""non-traditional"" buildfile execution paths"
[82] Error when use markTestIncomplete in test
[79] Allow escaped dots in classpaths
[78] (SVN doc) ${phing.version} and ${php.version} are different!
[77] taskdef doesn't support fileset
[76] Overhaul PhpDocumentor task
[75] files excluded by fileset end up in .tgz but not .zip
[74] Phing commandline args don't support quoting / spaces
[73] Semantical error in PhingFile::getParent()
[72] "Remove use of getProperty(""line.separator"") in favor of PHP_EOL"
[71] "Add ""-p"" alias for project help"
[70] Create Project class constants for log levels (replacing PROJECT_MSG_*)
[69] mkdir and delete tasks don't work properly together
[68] Xinclude filter
[67] Add PDO SQL execution task
[66] Incorrectly set PHP_CLASSPATH in phing.bat
[65] Convert all loggers/listeners to use streams
[64] Build listeners currently not working
[63] Configured -logger can get overridden
[62] phing.buildfile.dirname built-in property
[58] Path::listPaths() broken for DirSet objects.
[57] FileList.getListFile method references undefined variable
[56] TaskHandler passing incorrect param to ProjectConfigurator->configureId()
[53] _makeCircularException seems to have an infinite loop
[52] \<match>-syntax does not work correctly with preg_*()
[51] Cannot get phing to work with PHPUnit 3
[48] Supported PHPUnit2_Framework_TestSuite and PHPUnit2_Extensions_TestSetup sub-classes for the PHPUnit2Task and CoverageReportTask tasks
[33] Implement changes to use PHPUnit2 3.0 code coverage information
[22] Description about integrating into CruiseControl
Aug. 21, 2006 - Phing 2.2.0
* Refactored parser to support many tags as children of base <project> tag (HL)
* Added new IfTask (HL)
* Added "spawn" attribute to ExecTask (only applies to *nix)
* Several bugfixes & behavior imporvements to ExecTask (HL, MR, Ben Gollmer)
* Bugfixes & refactoring for SVNLastRevisionTask (MR, Knut Urdalen)
* Fixed reference copy bug (HL, Matthias Pigulla)
* Added SvnExportTask (MR)
* Added support for FileList in DeleteTask. (HL)
* Added support for using setting Properties using CDATA value of <property> tag. (HL)
* Added ReferenceExistsCondition (Matthias Pigulla)
* Added Phing::log() static method & integrated PHP error handling with Phing logging (HL)
* Added new task to run the ionCube Encoder (MR)
* Added new HTML Tidy filter (HL)
* Added PhpLintTask (Knut Urdalen)
* Added XmlLintTask (Knut Urdalen)
* Added ZendCodeAnalyzerTask (Knut Urdalen)
* Removed CoverageFormatter class (MR)
NOTE: This changes the usage of the collection of PHPUnit2 code coverage reports, see the
updated documentation for the CoverageSetupTask
* Added Unzip and Untar tasks contributed by Joakim Bodin
* [[8, [49] Fixed bugs in TarTask related to including empty directories (HL)
* [[44] Fixed bug related to copying empty dirs. (HL)
* [[32] Fixed PHPUnit2 tasks to work with PHPUnit2-3.0.0 (MR)
* [[31] Fixed bug with using PHPDocumentor 1.3.0RC6 (MR)
* [[43] Fixed top-level (no target) IfTask behavior (Matthias Pigulla)
* [[41] Removed some lingering E_STRICT errors, bugs with 5.1.x and PHP >= 5.0.5 (HL)
* [[25] Fixed 'phing' script to also run on non-bash unix /bin/sh
* Numerous documentation improvements by many members of the community (Thanks!)
Sept. 18, 2005 - Phing 2.1.1
* Added support for specifying 4-char mask (e.g. 1777) to ChmodTask. (Hans Lellelid)
* Added .svn files to default excludes in DirectoryScanner.
* Updated PHPUnit2 BatchTest to use class detection and non-dot-path loader. (Michiel Rook)
* Added support for importing non dot-path files (Michiel Rook)
* Add better error message when build fails with exception (Hans Lellelid)
* Fixed runtime error when errors were encountered in AppendTask (Hans Lellelid)
June 17, 2005 - Phing 2.1.0
* Renamed File -> PhingFile to avoid namespace collisions (Michiel Rook)
* Add ZipTask to create .zip files (Michiel Rook)
* Removed redudant logging of build errors in Phing::start() (Michiel Rook)
* Added tasks to execute PHPUnit2 testsuites and generate coverage and
test reports. (Michiel Rook, Sebastian Bergmann)
* Added SvnLastRevisionTask that stores the number of the last revision
of a workingcopy in a property. (Michiel Rook)
* Added MailTask that sends a message by mail() (Michiel Rook, contributed by Francois Harvey)
* New IncludePathTask (<includepath/>) for adding values to PHP's include_path. (Hans Lellelid)
* Fix to Phing::import() to *not* attempt to invoke __autoload() in class_exists() check. (Hans Lellelid)
* Fixed AppendTask to allow use of only <fileset> as source. (Hans Lellelid)
* Removed dependency on posix, by changing posix_uname to php_uname if needed. (Christian Stocker)
* Fixed issues: (Michiel Rook)
11 ExtendedFileStream does not work on Windows
12 CoverageFormatter problem on Windows
13 DOMElement warnings in PHPUnit2 tasks
14 RuntimeException conflicts with SPL class
15 It is not possible to execute it with PHP5.1
16 Add Passthru option to ExecTask
17 Blank list on foreach task will loop once
19 Problem with <formatter outfile="...">
20 Phpunit2report missing XSL stylesheets
21 Warnings when output dir does not exist in PHPUnit2Report
Oct 16, 2004 - Phing 2.0.0
* Minor fixes to make Phing run under E_STRICT/PHP5.
* Fix to global/system properties not being set in project. (Matt Zandstra)
* Fixes to deprecated return by reference issues w/ PHP5.0.0
June 8, 2004 - Phing 2.0.0b3
* Brought up-to-date w/ PHP5.0.0RC3
* Fixed several bugs in ForeachTask
* Fixed runtime errors and incomplete inheriting of properties in PhingTask
* Added <fileset> support to AppendTask
March 19, 2004 - Phing 2.0.0b2
* Brought up-to-date w/ PHP5.0.0RC1 (Hans)
* Fixed bug in seting XSLT params using XSLTask (Hans, Jeff Moss)
* Fixed PHPUnit test framework for PHPUnit-2.0.0alpha3
* Added "Adhoc" tasks, which allow for defining PHP task or type classes within the
buildfile. (Hans)
* Added PhpEvalTask which allows property values to be set to simple PHP evaluations or
the results of function/method calls. (Hans)
* Added new phing.listener.PearLogger listener (logger). Also, the -logfile arg is now
supported. (Hans)
* Fixed broken ForeachTask task. (Manuel)
Dec 24, 2003 - Phing 2.0.0b1
* Added PEAR installation framework & ability to build Phing into PEAR package.
* Added TarTask using PEAR Archive_Tar
* Added PearPackageTask which creates a PEAR package.xml (using PEAR_PackageFileManager).
* Added ResolvePathTask which converts relative paths into absolute paths.
* Removed System class, due to namespace collision w/ PEAR.
* Basic "working?" tests performed with all selectors.
* Added selectors: TypeSelector, ContainsRegexpSelector
* CreoleSQLExec task is now operational.
* Corrected non-fatal bugs in: DeleteTask, ReflexiveTask
* All core Phing classes now in PHP5 syntax (no "var" used, etc.)
* CopyTask will not stop build execution if a file cannot be copied (will log and
continue to next file).
* New abstract MatchingTask task makes it easier to create your own tasks that use
* Removed redundant calls in DirectoryScanner (<fileset> scanning now much faster).
* Fixed fatal errors in File::equals()
Nov 24, 2003 - Phing 2.0.0a2
* Fixed ReplaceTokens filter to correctly replace matched tokens
* Changed "project.basedir" property to be absolute path of basedir
* Made IntrospectionHelper more tollerant of add*() and addConfigured*() signatures
* New CvsTask and CvsPassTask for working with CVS repositories
* New TranslateGettext filter substitutes _("hello!") with "hola!" / "bonjour!" / etc.
* More consistent use of classhints to enable auto-casting by IntrospectionHelper
* Fixed infinite loop bug in FileUtils::normalize() for paths containing "/./"
* Fixed bug in CopyFile/fileset that caused termination of copy operation on encounter
of unreadable file
Nov 6, 20003 - Phing 2.0.0a1
* First release of Phing 2, an extensive rewrite and upgrade.
* Refactored much of codebase, using new PHP5 features (e.g. Interfaces, Exceptions!)
* Many, many, many bugfixes to existing functionality
* Restructuring for more intuitive directory layout, change the parser class names.
* Introduction of new tasks: AppendTask, ReflexiveTask, ExitTask, Input, PropertyPrompt
* Introduction of new types: Path, FileList, DirSet, selectors, conditions
* Introduction of new filters: ReplaceRegexp
* Introduction of new logger: AnsiColorLogger
* Many features from ANT 1.5 added to existing Tasks/Types
* New "Register Slot" functionality allows for tracking "inner" dynamic variables.
May 15 2003 - Phing 1.0-rc2
* Many bug fixes
* Several new system tasks introduced
March 06 2003 - Phing 1.0-rc1
* Release candidate 1
October 15 2002 - Phing 1.0-pre1
* Initial pre-release
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