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Load Order Library

Load Order Library is a tool mostly intended to help in debugging/supporting Mod Organizer lists for Bethesda games. It's meant to serve as an alternative/replacement for Modwatch. The premiere feature being a list comparison tool.

I have a Patreon I guess. Don't feel the need to contribute or anything, I have no intention of doing perks/goals (should things take off and people want me to, I probably will). If anything, the only thing I care about is covering the costs of the site/server, which atm are like CA$14/yr for the domain, and ~CA$8/mn for Digital Ocean hosting (though I host a few things on it). See for details.

Table Of Contents


The goal of Load Order Library is to make the life of people doing support for mod lists easier. Often times we ask for an upload to Modwatch and then manually go through the files to determine if a mod is missing, or a mod is added. Whether the ini settings are correct, etc. By using the comparison tool, you get a quick view at a glance at what files are missing/added, and what contents of those files are also missing/added.

Image of comparison tool


Load Order Library has a slew of features.

  • No registration required. Lists can be uploaded anonymously. You do need and account to delete lists, however. Anonymous ones can't be deleted.
  • Private lists. Only people with the link can view them.
  • For users that decide to register, you can have as many lists as you want - modwatch only ever lets you have 1.
  • Comparison tool.
  • Completely free. No Ads.

More planned and coming soon!

Planned Features

See Github projects board TODOs


Load Order Library uses no analytic services at all1 (update Jan 25: now uses goaccess to analyze existing Nginx access logs). Some 3rd party tools are used, but no external requests are made, they are served with the page itself. Files uploaded are on the server until such time they are no longer associated with a list. At which point they are deleted once a week. Files also are in backups until the backup they are in was deleted (backups are created once a week and deleted once they are 30 days old).

Data provided is entirely for the use of the site, and does not leave the server except in the case of database backups. Passwords are hashed and never stored in plain text. The server is hosted via a Digital Ocean droplet located in Toronto, Canada.

1The intention behind using goaccess to get some basic analytics for the site is so that I have a rough idea of when/if I need to upgrade the server, if there's any IPs spamming my site that I need to block, and so I don't need to use anything like Google Analytics or other privacy invasive options.


I am working on a monthly transparency report that will be viewable at /transparency. Said report will detail things like:

  • Monthly costs
  • Monthly "income" (donations)
  • Current oldest backup/log files
  • General stats of users for the previous month (March 1 will cover stats for the month of February for example)

Said transparency page will be available at some time in February, then will be updated on the 1st of every month going forward.


If you find any issues or have any questions, please make an issue on this repository or find help on the Discord server.




Thanks to RingComics for helping me test.

Thanks to Gatonegro for the icons.

Thanks to everyone for using the site. I'm astonished at how it's taken off so far :D.