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Quickly get an OpenAM instance up for development and testing
Puppet Pascal Shell
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OpenAM Vagrant

Get an instance of OpenAM up and running using Vagrant and Puppet.

Getting started

Before you start, ensure you have VirtualBox and Vagrant installed and working.

  1. git clone && cd openam-vagrant
  2. cp puppet/nodes/openam.pp{.example,}
  3. vagrant up

That's it! The VM will be created and Puppet will download and configure OpenAM for you.

OpenAM will come up on port 80 of the VM, which should be available at:

If you have the landrush Vagrant plugin installed, it should also be accessible via


Currently I'm just having this set up a default identity provider, but soon I'll fill in more details about the Puppet types provided and how to configure OpenAM with them. For now you can poke around the source; feel free to open an issue with a question if you have one.

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