Atlassian Bamboo on CentOS 6, in Vagrant, using Ansible
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Atlassian Bamboo on CentOS 6, in Vagrant, using Ansible

The enclosed Ansible playbook will install Atlassian's Bamboo CI server - an alternative to Jenkins.

This uses a @core CentOS6 Vagrant Box to install Bamboo into a Vagrant instance. The playbook could easily be applied to any host, running anywhere.

You need Ansible installed on your host system before running this up.

Look at playbook.yaml to see what Ansible is doing to the base CentOS6 box.

In summary, it is installing a java JDK, mysql-server and the mysql-jdbc-connector RPMs, then downloading Bamboo, untarring it, and setting a homedir in its properties. A bamboo service is created, and started. The playbook also creates a MySQL database for Bamboo, the default user and password of which can be found in the playbook vars section at the head of the file.

For this simple example I've also chosen not to sit Bamboo behind Apache, although again, Atlassian have trivial instructions.

Bamboo listens, by default, on port 8085. This is set as a forward in the Vagrantfile.