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Experimental xbox emulator using kvm.
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kvmbox is an expermental low level Xbox emulator that uses the kvm
interface in recent linux kernels for fast visulation of the x86

It's been 10 years since the Xbox was orignally released and
6 years since it was obsoleted by next generation consoles but
still the progress with xbox emulators has been less than

I'm not going to claim that people currently working on Xbox 
emulators are useless, but I though I would give it a try myself.

Current Status

Right now it can jump into an unencrypted 2bl image from a v1.6
Xbox, decrypt the kernel and start executing it before falling into
an infintite loop due to lack of interrupts, but I did cheatt a 
little and patch out one of the functions in 2bl.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Can it play Random Xbox Game?**  
No, this emulator is nowhere near a state where it could even think
of playing any games.

**So I will be able to play Xbox games on my computer?**  
Who knows. Right now my goals are expermenting with the kvm interface,
seeing if it's possible to emulate the graphics card at such a low 
level and having fun. If I happen to make a functional emulator in the
progress, then so be it.  
But honestly, I would be supprised if it ever got to that stage.

**Why are you doing lle, wouldn't hle be much faster/easier/better?**  
Possibly. But both of the attempts I've seen so far have been hle and
neither of them got very far. I though I'd try something diffrent and
I'm reasonbly sure that modern computers are now fast enough to do lle. 

**Will it work on windows?**  
At the moment, no. But I guess it could be ported in the future if it
ever makes any progress.

**Can you release compiled binaries?**
I don't really see the point, Unless you plan on modifying the emulator
there isn't much point in downloading it.

**Are you still working on this?**  
It's hard to answer this question in advance, but if you take a look
at when I made the latest commit to github, maybe you can answer this
question yourself.  
Or I might just be taking a long break.
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