SublimeText 2 Plugin to instantly interpret selected code or the whole document right in SublimeText 2 (supports many languages)
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Anypreter - SublimeText2 Plugin

Execute selected Code (or the whole document) from many interpreting laguages directly from your SublimeText2 Editor and see the result

Supported Interpreters

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby


You have three ways to install the Anypreter: using git, installing it manually or using the SublimeText2 "Package Controll" (Available here:

Install using git

To install this Plugin via git, simply browse to your 'Packages' folder like this:

for Windows

cd %APPDATA%/Sublime Text 2/Packages

for OS X

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages

for Linux

cd ~/.Sublime Text 2/Packages

for Portable Installations

cd PATH_TO_PORTABLE_INSTALLATION/Sublime Text 2/Data/Packages

and clone this repository

git clone

Install manually

  • Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option
  • Unzip the files and rename the folder to 'Anypreter' (!IMPORTANT!)
  • Copy the folder to your Sublime Text 2 'Packages' directory

Install using Package Control

If you are familiar with Package Control you definetly know what to do, if not, go to SublimeText2 - Package Control click on 'Install' and follow the instructions


The following settings are available and optional, but the default settings should be mostly what you want if you install this plugin

	"php_binary_path": "YOUR_PHP_BINARY_PATH",
	"ruby_binary_path": "YOUR_PHP_BINARY_PATH",
	"python_binary_path": "YOUR_PHP_BINARY_PATH",
	"anypreter_stream_output": False,
	"anypreter_output_inteval": 1

x_binary_path: The path to your x binary (add your binary paths to your OS-environment-path to avoid problems) anypreter_stream_output: "True" to buffer the output and display it in a specified interval livetime anypreter_output_inteval: the output interval for anypreter_stream_output in seconds (can be float)

Streamed output with intervals less then 1 could cause dataloss (its buggy and i dont know why!)


To use this plugin, be sure to set your binary paths in your user-settings and use one of this ways to run your interpreter:

  • Ctrl+Shift+X To run the first available Mode for this language
  • Ctrl+Shift+Y (Quick Panel) and select the Mode you want to run
  • Rightclick in the document and select "Interpret Code" (only works if language is supported)

Release Notes

Anypreter is designed to work with the latest development build of Sublime Text 2


If this plugin doesn't supports your interpreting language, please contact me with some information how to run code in your language via the command-line and i will try my best to update it.


Click here to lend your support to: Anypreter (SublimeText 2 Plugin) and make a donation at !

If my work makes your work more joyable, feel free to donate a few bucks to say: "hey dude, thanks for your work!"