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Chrome extension to alert and possibly block IDN/Unicode websites and zero-day phishing websites using AI and Computer Vision.
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PhishProtect (Beta)


Chrome extension to alert and possibly block:

  • IDN/Unicode websites mostly to prevent homograph attacks.
  • Zero-phishing websites powered by AI & Computer Vision

An API is also available on


You can install for chrome, opera. (Edge coming out soon)

Zero Day phishing prevention powered by AI & Computer vision is currently only supported in chrome and it's in Beta


Any suggestions/pull-requests/bugfixes are welcome.


IDN Website IDN Free Website Block Page

Privacy Policy

In the extension you can disable the zero-day phishing and then we don't collect any information. In a nutshell when the zero-day phishing prevention is enabled we send screenshots of unknown sites to be analyzed in the cloud. We do not save any screenshots unless they are malicious. The full privacy policy is here

AI & Computer Vision Engine

The full description of how the engine works is here

TLDR: essentially we have a very big computer vision database of known websites and their legitimate domains. the extension send screenshots of unknown websites we compare it with our database and if we detect that it is similar to a known website but hosted on a different domain we send back a respones and alert.

The Engine is in beta and doesn't protect all brands yet. we make the database bigger every day, if you believe your brand is not in our database and you want us to crawl it, just drop me a line at

Whishlist & Roadmap

The current whishlist and Roadmap are in the project tab. Please feel free to put issues as ideas or contact me directly at

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