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PhishFort Anti-Phishing Chrome Plugin
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PhishFort | Protect

Protect yourself from phishing attacks.


  • 🌐Get notified when you are on a dangerous website.
  • See verified Twitter crypto-users.
  • 👉Report dangerous websites, Twitter users, and mobile apps directly to the PhishFort team.

Why use Protect?

  • 🕶 Privacy focused - Your URLs are never sent to us, keep your browsing private.
  • 🔎 Open-source - Know what code is running in your browser (
  • 💸 Free! - Protect is a community project maintained by PhishFort.
  • 🔮 Great coverage - We protect some of the largest crypto companies in the space, including MyEtherWallet, IDEX, Paxful. Our anti-phishing intel is fed directly to our plugin and is the most reliable way of staying safe.

♦ Status Indicators ♦

The plugin will indicate different colors depending on the website you're visiting.

  • 💚 Green: Indicates that the domain is known and likely safe. For example, if you visit, the PhishFort Status Icon will glow blue.
  • ⚪ Grey: The site hasn't been categorized. It's not necessarily unsafe, but proceed with caution!
  • 🔴 Red: The site is most likely dangerous. If you visit (a typosquatting attack), the plugin will notify you that you are on an unsafe site and you'll be sent back to safety. You're also able to bypass the warning if you need!

We're always looking to make the plugin better. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas.

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