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Demostration of a cluster deployment with Docker Swarm Mode and Træfɪk
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Docker Swarm Demo

This is a demo to test and demonstrate a cloud deployment with Docker Swarm Mode and Træfɪk.

The script starts several VMs with docker-machine and connects them together to a swarm mode cluster.

It then deploys Portainer and Træfɪk as well as a couple of replicated test applications.

The goals of this project are:

  • to show that setting up a production-ready swarm mode cluster is rather easy and quick.
  • to provide an environment on which to simulate rolling updates, server crashes and the like.
  • to test whether Træfɪk can act as a replacement for HAProxy as the production load-balancer.


  • ./ spins up the virtual machines and connects them to a swarm mode cluster.
  • ./ deploys Portainer and Træfɪk.
  • ./ deploys a test application several times into the cluster.
  • ./ performs some tests on the application.

Run ./ to run all the scripts in sequence.

Open issues

  • Test how the cluster behaves when an error occurs during a rolling update.
  • How can we monitor Træfɪk's health automatically? Is there a New Relic plugin?
  • Can we use rewrite rules on path-based routes?


  • You need to have docker installed with a version of at least 1.12 (includes support for docker swarm mode). The docker binaries docker and docker-machine must be in your path.
  • You need to have VirtualBox installed to manage the VMs.
  • curl for testing.

Recommended Reading

This "application" relies on quite a few technologies and concepts. I recommend you familiarize yourself with them before trying to understand the stuff happening in this demo.

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