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A Foswiki gallery plugin for JPEG photos from digital cameras.
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A Foswiki gallery plugin for JPEG photos from digital cameras.

This plugin renders galleries from photos attached to topics. Galleries render as a grid of square thumbnails. Thumbnails are created using the Epeg ( library ("insanely fast JPEG thumbnail scaling") via the Image::Epeg ( Perl module. Clicking on a thumbnail zooms the image to the original attached photo. Currently PhotoSwipe ( by Dmitry Semenov is used to display the photos. It allows zooming and browsing the image gallery with the keyboard, the mouse and finger swipes on touch devices. This plugin adds a slideshow functionality not currently present in the original PhotoSwipe gallery. The thumbnails expose a tools menu by hovering over their top right corner. Available tools include losslessly rotating the photo using exiftran (, editing the attachment comment, correcting the attachment timestamp to the photo exposure date, moving the attachment to another topic, and deleting the attachment.

This plugin works only with JPEG images and it works best with photos from digital cameras that have EXIF data embedded. It can display PNG, GIF and SVG graphics as well.

A PatternSkin extension that replaces the default upload form with a bulk upload form is included, too. This is currently based on DropZoneJS ( by Matias Meno.

See the file data/System/PhotoGalleryPlugin.txt for the full documentation.

PhotoGalleryPlugin Screenshot

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