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Mission Statement: The goal is to specify a programming language called Babel-17 and to provide implementations of it for all major modern computing platforms and an IDE based on the Netbeans platform.
Babel-17 is conceived as a dynamically-typed language for purely functional structured and object-oriented programming. Babel-17 strives to be a beautiful language.

!! Development of Babel-17 is currently on hold !!. Many of the ideas developed during the Babel-17 project will live on in its more domain specific successor language ProofScript which is both a programming language and proof language developed for the ProofPeer platform.

Babel-17 v0.3.2 is here! Version 0.3.2 is mainly a bugfix release that also straightens out a few details of the spec. The main improvements of v0.3.1 over v0.3 were support for lenses and Java interoperability. Check it out now, here is the language specification and here is the Babel-17 Plugin for Netbeans 7.0 . That is all you need to start experimenting with Babel-17. Helpful may also be this short Babel-17 QuickStart Guide.

The programming language Mini Babel-17 is a toy research language aimed at explaining the concept of purely functional structured programming.