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Version 2.0.8

  • Fixed issue #287 - MR_findByAttribute:withValue:andOrderBy:ascending:inContext does not pass context through - Stephen Vanterpool

Version 2.0.7

  • Fix small error in README with regard to MR_SHORTHAND - Maik Gosenshuis
  • Hide intended private cleanUpErrorHandling method - Saul Mora
  • Call completion handler on main thread. - Brandon Williams
  • Persist changes to disk when using: - [NSManagedObjectContext MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:completion:] methods, AND the context is the default context - [MagicalRecord saveInBackground…] methods - Saul Mora
  • [NSManagedObjectContext MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:completion:] - Jwie
  • [NSManagedObjectContext MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:completion:] - Jwie
  • update - [Peter Paulis](mailto:peterpaulis@Admins- acBook-Air-2.local)�
  • Correct typo - Ryan Maxwell
  • Update MR_SHORTHAND installation note to match main readme - Ryan Maxwell
  • Correct typo of "persistent" in method name - mRyan Maxwell
  • Make all requestAllSortedBy* methods consistent (allows sortTerms with commas) - vguerci
  • dispatch_release is not needed by the compiler - Saul Mora
  • Don't run completion block if non specified - Saul Mora
  • Make platform requirements more explicit - Saul Mora
  • Update MagicalRecord/Core/MagicalRecordShorthand.h - Ryan Maxwell
  • Added automatic store deletion if the store does not match the model - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Missed the configuration - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Updating readme with a short blurb - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Cleanup code is now debug-only - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Clarified the DEBUG only nature of the fix - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Making background save asynchronous and fix the callback not firing - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Added expecta matchers for tests - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Fixing formatting issues to match project style - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Fixed KVC relationship mapping bug. - Joshua Greene
  • Fixed an issue with aggregate actions not being performed in the specified context - Brian King
  • Adding an observer to check for icloud being setup after default context has been set. Should fix race condition in Issue #241 - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Updated test model to actually build - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Clean up comments - Saul Mora
  • Remove compile warnings - Saul Mora
  • Cleaning up iCloud setup observer code some - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Removes dispatch_release when iOS >= 6 || OSX >= 1080 - Rod Wilhelmy
  • Modifiying generateShorthand.rb to use user specified ruby - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Automatically obtain permanent IDs when saving the default context. This should fix several crashes the community is hitting - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Making all relevant contexts obtain a permanent id before saving - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Adding recommended journalling mode - Stephen Vanterpool
  • fixup compiler warnings in Xcode 4.5 - Saul Mora
  • Fix compile warnings once and for all :/ - Saul Mora
  • refactor internal method names to match more general objects to traverse fix another compile warning - Saul Mora
  • Don't adjust incoming NSDates for DST - Saul Mora
  • fix compile error with pragma option - Saul Mora
  • Add findFirstOrderedByAttribute:ascending:context: method for getting min/max values easier - Saul Mora
  • Bumping podspec to 2.0.4 - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Added new nestedContextSave method with completion handler - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Bumping podspec with bugfix - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Fixing rookie mistake :/ - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Require ARC in podspec (was compiling with retain/release in pod installations) - Ryan Maxwell
  • Bump tag to 2.0.6 - Ryan Maxwell
  • Properly removing existing on-save notificaitons before replacing the default or root contexts - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Fixing potential concurrency issue with creating the actionQueue - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Cherry picking changes that make the context description more... descriptive - Stephen Vanterpool
  • Rolled back a commit that broke things if cleanup was used. It created the action_queue in a dispatch_once block, and never recreated it after a cleanup - Stephen Vanterpool
  • saveWithBlock was not saving parent contexts - Tony Arnold
  • Test that the current thread saveWith method actually saves - Tony Arnold
  • Bumped podspec to 2.0.7 - Stephen Vanterpool