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name "postgresql"
maintainer "Phil Cohen"
maintainer_email ""
license "MIT"
description "Installs PostgreSQL, The world's most advanced open source database."
long_description, ""))
version "0.14.1"

recipe "postgresql", "Set up the apt repository and install dependent packages"
recipe "postgresql::apt_repository", "Internal recipe to setup the apt repository"
recipe "postgresql::client", "Front-end programs for PostgreSQL 9.x"
recipe "postgresql::configuration", "Internal recipe to manage configuration files"
recipe "postgresql::contrib", "Additional facilities for PostgreSQL"
recipe "postgresql::data_directory", "Internal recipe to setup the data directory"
recipe "postgresql::dbg", "Debug symbols for the server daemon"
recipe "postgresql::debian_backports", "Internal recipe to manage debian backports"
recipe "postgresql::doc", "Documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system"
recipe "postgresql::libpq", "PostgreSQL C client library and header files for libpq5 (PostgreSQL library)"
recipe "postgresql::pg_database", "Internal recipe to manage specified databases"
recipe "postgresql::pg_user", "Internal recipe to manage specified users"
recipe "postgresql::postgis", "Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL 9.x"
recipe "postgresql::server", "Object-relational SQL database, version 9.x server"
recipe "postgresql::server_dev", "Development files for PostgreSQL server-side programming"
recipe "postgresql::service", "Internal recipe to declare the system service"

supports "ubuntu"
supports "debian"

depends "apt", ">= 1.9.0"
suggests "minitest-handler"
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