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= DaemonKit TODO List
This is purely a drop in the bucket of what has to come...
== Eye on 0.2
* Support for dropping privileges
* Support for chroot'ing
* Altering process names (fully and temporary appending)
* bleak_house support
* Support for tweaking REE environment variables prior to launch (bash wrapper)
* Clustering support (run multiple workers out of same project)
* Full 1.9 support in the framework
== Later
* [IN PROGRESS] Error handling to the degree Rails does
* Easy configuration of an ORM of choice, including patching it if needed (ActiveRecord *cough*)
* Improved generators for creating skeleton daemons:
* Evented jabber bot
* Empty periodic event loop
* Empty periodic loop (non-evented)
* Queue (SQS, AMQP, etc) pollers
* Rake tasks for generating:
* Sys-V style init scripts
* Plenty of docs, seriously a lot of docs
* Specs & features, tons of them too
* Integration tests for the specific daemons
* Some level of thread safety, or mechanisms to ease thread safety
* Built in utilities:
* Thread pool for 1.8
* Fibre pool for 1.9
* Some activesupport-esque functions until activesupport 3.0 hits the streets
* DRY up the following:
* Loading configuration files for the daemons