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# Fancy Photoset CHANGELOG
+## 0.4.0
+* Add ability to pass options directly to fancybox
## 0.3.0
* Use URLs returned from the API rather than building them from scratch
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@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ The plugin supports multiple photoset galleries per page:
* large - The larger version of the image link to and display in the Fancybox. This corresponds to one of the following Flickr sizes: square, thumbnail, small, medium and original.
* captions - true or false: This will create a <span class="caption"> with the photo title if set to true.
* firstOnly - true or false: Setting true will only display the first image in the photoset on the webpage. All images will still be available to the Fancybox gallery.
+* fancybox - These are standard [Fancybox options]( that get passed through to the `fancybox` method.
## Demo
@@ -72,7 +73,7 @@ See the demo.html file in the demo folder for an example of how to use the scrip
## Version
-The current version is 0.3.0
+The current version is 0.4.0
## License
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