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# print out the beginning of the poem
print "Mary had a little lamb."
print "Its fleece was white as %s." % 'snow'
print "And everywhere that Mary went."
# print 10 periods as a line separator
print "." * 10 # what'd that do?
# setup all the letters that spell "Cheese Burger"
end1 = "C"
end2 = "h"
end3 = "e"
end4 = "e"
end5 = "s"
end6 = "e"
end7 = "B"
end8 = "u"
end9 = "r"
end10 = "g"
end11 = "e"
end12 = "r"
# watch that comma at the end. try removing it to see what happens
# ^^ removing the comma at the end of the line prints "CheeseBurger" instead
# of "Cheese Burger" ... no space between the words
print end1 + end2 + end3 + end4 + end5 + end6,
print end7 + end8 + end9 + end10 + end11 + end12
# Extra Credit
# For these next few exercises, you will have the exact same extra credit.
# Go back through and write a comment on what each line does.
# Read each one backwards or out loud to find your errors.
# From now on, when you make mistakes write down on a piece of paper what kind
# of mistake you made.
# When you go to the next exercise, look at the last mistakes you made and try
# not to make them in this new one.
# Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Programmers are like magicians who
# like everyone to think they are perfect and never wrong, but it's all an act.
# They make mistakes all the time.