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Marked phly_mustache as abandoned, in favor of phly-mustache

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+# Phly\Mustache
+> # MOVED!
+> This package has moved to [phly/phly-mustache](,
+> and the package name has changed to `phly/phly-mustache`.
+> I have updated packagist to mark `phly/mustache` as abandoned and to point
+> users to the new package name. All previous releases are available under the
+> old package name, and have the same functionality. The new package contains
+> the v2 code, however, which has never been released under the old name.
Phly\Mustache is a Mustache ( implementation written
for PHP 5.3+. It conforms to the principles of mustache, and allows for
extension of the format via pragmas.
For full documentation, please visit
The mailing list is at

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