• May 16, 2014


    phlyty 1.0.2
    - [#4] Adds baseUrl() resolution for generated links
  • May 23, 2013


    - Updated composer.json to use "2.*" as ZF component versions.
    - Updated composer.json to use PHP 5.4 as minimum version.
    Thanks to @till for the fixes!
  • Aug 22, 2012


    It's always hardest to declare your code stable for use, but since the bulk of
    the functionality of Phlyty comes from other components, and because enough
    documentation exists, it's time.
    Phlyty supports:
     [x] Resolves using mustache suffix by default
     [x] Resolves using provided suffix
     [x] Resolves using specified directory separator
     [x] Uses path stack internally
     [x] Understands hierarchical templates
     [x] Placeholders are rendered as unnamed sections
     [x] Only placeholders with replacements receive substitutions
     [x] Can render multiple placeholders
     [x] Can render nested child placeholders
     [x] Nested children can render placeholders defined in parent child
     [x] Renders string templates
     [x] Renders file templates
     [x] Can use object properties for substitutions
     [x] Can use method return value for substitutions
     [x] Template may use conditionals
     [x] Conditional is skipped if value is false
     [x] Conditional is skipped if value is empty
     [x] Template iterates arrays
     [x] Template iterates traversable objects
     [x] Higher order sections render inside out
     [x] Template will dereference nested arrays
     [x] Template will dereference nested objects
     [x] Inverted sections render on empty values
     [x] Renders partials
     [x] Allows aliasing partials
     [x] Escapes standard characters
     [x] Triple mustaches prevent escaping
     [ ] Allows altering behavior using pragmas
     [x] Honors implicit iterator pragma
     [x] Allows setting alternate template suffix
     [x] Strips comments from rendered output
     [x] Allows specifying alternate delimiters
     [x] Alternate delimiters set in section only apply to that section
     [x] Alternate delimiters apply to child sections
     [x] Alternate delimiters do not carry to partials
     [x] Pragmas are section specific
     [x] Pragmas do not extend to partials
     [x] Handles recursive partials
     [x] Lexer strips unwanted whitespace from tokens
     [x] Array values that refer to p h p built ins should not call them
     [x] Object properties that refer to p h p built ins should not call them
     [x] Array values that refer to static methods should not call them
     [x] String values that refer to functions should not call them
     [x] Array values that refer to static methods in array syntax should not call them
     [x] Std class as view should not raise error
     [x] Dot notation is exanded to sub property of view
     [x] With dot notation if subproperty does not exist empty string is rendered
     [x] Sub view content is captured in parent
     [x] Renders nested sub views
     [x] Sub view uses parent view when no view provided
     [x] Should render sub view returned by closure
     [x] Std class composing sub view should not raise error