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Miscellaneous Bash scripts that I've created and found useful over the years
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Bash Scripts

Miscellaneous Bash scripts that I've created and/or found useful over the years


  • - Make a script executable.
  • - A quick little indicator for battery status on your Mac laptop.
  • - Change working directory to the top-most Finder window location.
  • - Decompress just about any archive (Zip, Tar, 7z, etc.) with a single command.
  • - Flush DNS cache (See:
  • - Tests DNS providers to determine which is fastest.
  • - Quickly decompress archives of all types.
  • - Quickly display all active network adapters.
  • - Show IPv4 address for interface en0.
  • - Show external IPv4 address for interface en0.
  • - Super easy way of generating a random 20 character password.
  • - Fixes the duplicate IP issue seen on the Raspberry Pi.
  • - Raspbery Pi: Checks for updates, upgrades the OS, and installs the latest firmware.
  • - Mounts a sparsebundle disk into the supplied path.


  1. Download script(s).
  2. Make script(s) executable by running chmod +x script_name.
  3. Copy script to /usr/local/bin.
  4. Profit.


Created by Patrick H. Mullins. You can find me on Twitter and on Telegram as @pmullins.


Source is released under the MIT License (MIT) license.

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