This repository contains scripts to manage the PhenoMeNal cloud VRE.
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This repository contains one-click-deploy-scripts to setup the PhenoMeNal cloud VRE. The scripts are designed to work with the EMBL-EBI-TSI - Phenomenal Web-UI.

This repository contains submodules so use the --recursive parameter when cloning e.g.

git clone --recursive

Note: You might get an error message: fatal: clone of '' into submodule path 'phenomenal-cloudflare' failed. This is because you don't have the access rights to read the private repository containing secret api keys.

If you later want to pull latest version and also pull latest submodule updates:

git pull --recurse-submodules
git submodule update --recursive --remote

Directories and files

├── cloud_portal            # This is where the cloud portal, and scripts 
│   │                       # are stored in subdirectories per cloud provider
│   │
│   ├── aws                 # Sub directories per cloud provider
│   ├── gcp
│   ├── ostack
│   └── shared              # The bulk part of the, and are identical between
│                           # provides and is residing in a shared version of the scripts called from the
│                           # provider speciffic scripts
├── KubeNow                 # This is the standard KubeNow git repo included as a git sub-module and this is
│                           # where the terraform and default KubeNow ansible scripts reside (called from the
│                           #, and scripts)
├── playbooks               # Ansible playbooks that are Phenomenal release speciffic and not included in the
│                           # default KubeNow repository    
├── bin                     # Utility script that are used in the, and scripts
├── phenomenal-cloudflare   # This is a private git repository as a submodule storing cloudflare secret token
├ manifest.json             # This is the TSI parameter file used to describe the setup
├     # Includes vars expected to be provided from web-ui and only used for local
│                                  # testing purposes
├         # Amazon version of testing vars       
└         # Google cloud version of testing vars                                     

If you want to test the deployment:

First, If you don't have a "kubenow-v020a1" image available in your cloud teenancy then you need to upload or build one.

Latest images are availabe for upload into your teenancy from:

Or if you want to build one, please enter the KubeNow subdirectory:

cd KubeNow

and follow the instructions: (name your image kubenow-cloudportal-01).

# When you have a kubenow-v020a1 in your repo, step back to cloud-deploy directory
cd ..

# Now edit the test_env_vars... file

# Then 

# Deploy (openstack)

# Status

Access services:

Destroy cluster:

# Destroy