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A ElasticSearch plugin for collectd using collectd's Python plugin.

Common Stats :

  • Docs (Total docs & Deleted docs)
  • Store size
  • Indexing (Total, time, Total delete, Delete time)
  • Get (Total, Time, Exists otal, Exists time, Missing total, Missing Time)
  • Search (Total query, total time, total fetch, total fetch time)
  • JVM Memory (Heap commited, Heap Used, Non heap commited, Non heap used)
  • JVM Threads (Count & Peak)
  • JVM GC (Time & Count)
  • Transport stats (Server open, RX count, RX size, TX count, TX size)
  • HTTP Stats (Current open & Total open)

ES 1.0 Stats :

  • Cache (Field Eviction, Field Size, Filter evictions, Filter size)
  • JVM Collectors
  • FLush (Total count, total time)
  • Merges (Current count, current docs, current size, Merge total size, docs a time)
  • Refresh (Total & Time)


  1. Place in collectd'opt/collectd/lib/collectd/plugins/python (assuming you have collectd installed to /opt/collectd).
  2. Configure the plugin (see below).
  3. Restart collectd.


  • See elasticsearch.conf
  • Set the version (0.9 or 1.0), default is 1.0


  • collectd 4.9+
  • Elasticsearch 0.9.x or 1.0.x