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Doorkeeper Sinatra Client

This app is an example of OAuth 2 client. It was built in order to test the doorkeeper provider example. It uses oauth2 and sinatra gems. Check out the live app here. The source code is, as always, available on GitHub.

About Doorkeeper Gem

For more information about the gem, documentation, wiki and another resources, check out the project on GitHub.


First clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone git://

Install all dependencies with:

bundle install


Client application

If you have your own provider or you are using this example, you'll need to create a new client for this application. Make sure to append the /callback to the redirect uri (e.g. http://localhost:9393/callback).

Environment variables

You just need to

mv env.rb.example  env.rb

If you use seed.rb in ideonetapp they will work together, as the app secret and app id are the same.

Start the server

Fire up the server with:

rackup -p 9292

Also you will need to run ideonetapp on localhost:3000

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