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Tech Lead Toolbox

The origin Tech Lead articles is need to delete. And now I working on build the tools for Tech Lead, welcome to join us.

A toolbox for better tech lead of Phodal

Tech Lead Actions


Soft Skills

  • Team Development Model
  • Scenario Leadership Model


  • Flow
  • Sweet Spot
  • Culture Checklists

Dev Skills

  • Dev Skills Checklists


  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Theory
  • Cone of uncertainty
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Six principles of influence
  • Join New Team



Tech Lead can be a purely technical job, while others act as project managers. If you only look at the role of Lead with Tech, then it is:

  • Architect, Technologist. Compared with the project manager and the technical manager, he/she not only focuses on the technical practice and progress of the project, but also has to solve the most complicated technical problems.
  • Technical role model. Tech Lead is more like a spiritual “leader” who needs to let other people in the project see the way forward.
  • Developer. He/she takes time to write code in the project, which, as defined in the training, takes at least 30% of the time to write. First, master a series of technologies related to the project; second, continue to improve technical capabilities, rather than become managers.

In addition to technical work, he/she also needs to understand the business in order to develop software that meets business needs. There is also a need to manage risk (mainly technology-related risks) in order to respond to changes.

什么是 Tech Lead?

Tech Lead 可以是一个纯粹的技术岗位,有的则还要充当项目经理的职责。如果只以 Tech 来看待 Lead 这个角色,那么它是:

  • 架构师技术专家。与项目经理,技术管理者相比,他/她不仅仅关注于项目的技术实践和进度,还得去解决那些最复杂的技术问题。
  • 技术榜样。Tech Lead 更像是一个精神 “领袖”,他/她需要让项目中的其他/她人看到前进的方向。
  • 开发人员。他/她在项目中抽取时间来编写代码,如 在培训上所定义的那样,至少需要 30% 的时间来编写。一来,掌握项目相关的一系列技术;二来,不断提升技术能力,而不是成为管理者。


Tech Toolbox

ADR - Architecture Decision Records in Node.js with Reporter, supported Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS.


TLA - Tech Lead Assessments Radar


Path - Path To Production


TechStack - A Radar for Projects' Toolbox


Leadership Theory

Motivation: CHAMPFROGS Model


Risk Management: Cone of Uncertainty

Cone of Uncertainty

Scenario Leadership Model

Scenario Leadership Model

Team Development Model

Team Development Model

Conflict Management: Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Theory


Six principles of influence

Six principles of influence

Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Analyse





中文(Chinese)见:Tech Lead 相关文章


Phodal's Idea

© 2019 A Phodal Huang's Idea. This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.