Solutions for SICP
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Chapter 1-Building Abstractions with Procedures
Chapter 2-Building Abstractions with Data
Chapter 3-Modeling with Mutable Data
Chapter 4-Metalinguistic Abstraction
Chapter 5-Computing with Register Machines


solutions for SICP.


The tool I used to code is DrRacket, which quite fits the scheme language in the book.


The solutions of some question may not be found in it, because I just have skipped them or I haven't figured it out. So, I will, maybe, update it someday.

Files whose names are not preceded by numbers usually include:

  • all the changes asked by the exercises or
  • some tests for the exercises.

Undone Exercises

  • ex-5.51
  • ex-5.52

These two require C program language to implement. But I haven't finished the study of C yet.


  • 5.01 ~ 7.31 : finish almost all the exercises
  • 8.26 ~ 9.02 : add, complete or refine answers

Any suggestion will be appreciated.