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Phoenix-RTOS microkernel repository
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This repository contains the source for the Phoenix-RTOS microkernel. IA32, ARM, ARMv7, RISCV64 architectures are supported.

Building toolchain

To build cross-compile toolchain use toolchain/ script. Targets supported currently by the script:

  • i386-pc-phoenix
  • arm-phoenix

Sample invocation:

cd toolchain
./ arm-phoenix ~/arm-phoenix-toolchain

For other targets You need to build toolchain manually

After successful compilation add the toolchain to the PATH variable, for example:

export PATH=~/arm-phoenix-toolchain/arm-phoenix/bin/:$PATH

Building microkernel

To compile microkernel for target architecture edit Makefile and TARGET variable and after this type:

$ make clean
$ make


This work is licensed under a BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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