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defmodule Phoenix.NotAcceptableError do
@moduledoc """
Raised when one of the `accept*` headers is not accepted by the server.
This exception is commonly raised by `Phoenix.Controller.accepts/2`
which negotiates the media types the server is able to serve with
the contents the client is able to render.
If you are seeing this error, you should check if you are listing
the desired formats in your `:accepts` plug or if you are setting
the proper accept header in the client. The exception contains the
acceptable mime types in the `accepts` field.
defexception message: nil, accepts: [], plug_status: 406
defmodule Phoenix.MissingParamError do
@moduledoc """
Raised when a key is expected to be present in the request parameters,
but is not.
This exception is raised by `Phoenix.Controller.scrub_params/2` which:
* Checks to see if the required_key is present (can be empty)
* Changes all empty parameters to nils ("" -> nil)
If you are seeing this error, you should handle the error and surface it
to the end user. It means that there is a parameter missing from the request.
defexception [:message, plug_status: 400]
def exception([key: value]) do
msg = "expected key #{inspect value} to be present in params, " <>
"please send the expected key or adapt your scrub_params/2 call"
%Phoenix.MissingParamError{message: msg}
defmodule Phoenix.ActionClauseError do
exception_keys =
|> Map.keys()
|> Kernel.--([:__exception__, :__struct__])
defexception exception_keys
@impl true
def message(exception) do
|> Map.put(:__struct__, FunctionClauseError)
|> FunctionClauseError.message()
@impl true
def blame(exception, stacktrace) do
{exception, stacktrace} =
|> Map.put(:__struct__, FunctionClauseError)
|> FunctionClauseError.blame(stacktrace)
exception = Map.put(exception, :__struct__, __MODULE__)
{exception, stacktrace}
defimpl Plug.Exception, for: Phoenix.ActionClauseError do
def status(_), do: 400
def actions(_), do: []