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@chrismccord chrismccord released this Jun 29, 2015 · 3673 commits to master since this release

See these 0.13.x to 0.14.0 upgrade instructions to bring your existing apps up to speed.

  • Enhancements
    • [Phoenix.HTML] Update to phoenix_html 1.1.0 which raises on missing assigns
    • [Controller] Add jsonp/2 for handling JSONP responses
    • [Channel] Enhance logging with join information
    • [Router] Add forward macro to forward a requests to a Plug, invoking the pipeline
  • Javascript client enhancements
    • Add socket params to apply default, overridable params to all channel params.
    • Enchance logging
  • Bug fixes
    • [Channel] Fix xdomain content type not being treated as JSON requests
  • Javascript client backwords incompatible changes
    • logger option to Phoenix.Socket, now uses three arguments, ie: logger: (kind, msg, data) => { console.log(${kind}: ${msg}, data) }
  • Backward incompatible changes
    • [Controller] plug :action is now called automatically
    • [Endpoint] The :format option in :render_errors has been renamed to :default_format
    • [PubSub.Redis] The Redis PubSub adapter has been extracted into its own project. If using redis, see the project's readme for instructions
    • [View] The default template web/templates/layout/application.html.eex has been renamed to app.html.eex
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