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TELOS 3.0.4 When a Fork loves a woman or simply a son of a Fidor

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@phoenixkonsole phoenixkonsole released this 12 Jan 13:21
· 9 commits to 3.0.4 since this release

This wallet version is again mandatory and shall prevent unplanned forks.


FIX : Default "toDate" field in tx filters was wrongly filled with the non-padded month number. (reported by Tybiboune on Discord).
FIX : In the TxViewer dates was picked from the transaction "time" field causing wrong tx ordering, now the tx field "timereceived" is displayed in the "time" columns and it is also used for sorting-by-date functions (Reported by Tybiboune on Discord).
FIX : Sometimes, when the protection routines was engaged, the deletion of the 'controller' file and/or the uncompressed wallet executables, was causing a crash due to a wrong path.
FIX : Sometimes a requester asking for the BitcoinSubsidium was showed to the user, asking him to select the daemon path. This has been fixed (2 bugs, many thanks to Leszek).
FIX : With a couple of users there was a problem caused by executing the RPC command listaccounts(). From the log I received seems that the wallet reply with a correct answer (no errors) but without the field holding the results, this was an unmanaged case that was causing a Dashboard crash. This case is now handled and instead of the crash the Dashboard show a requester advising the user and asking him to perform a check by himself. What is causing this bad response has not been yet identified but a least the crash is now handled.
NEW : Added several improvements and options to the bug tracking code to help fix issues.
NEW : Many people have problems reading orange text so I've added an easy way to change the main color theme, you have to follow these steps:

 1: Open your /roaming/transgui/ folder
 2: Create a new text file named "cfg_options.txt"
 3: Add this line "set_color_theme = <theme-name>"
    Theme name can be one of the following :
      dark-white		All orange texts are now white/grey
      light               Dark text over a light backgrounds
  default		The default dark/orange style

Remove this file to return to the default theme
NEW : A button to open the tools window has been added in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard, the tools tab has been removed.
NEW : In the tools window you can find these essential tools :
- Open data folder : This will open for you where the Dashboard stores its data and debug logs
- Reset config : This will reset the Dashboard to its default configuration preserving AML verification files and debug logs, then it will shutdown the running wallets and it finally quits. You have to restart the Dashboard manually after it has been closed.
NEW : If the Dashboard crashes and you are not able to reach the interface to reset the configuration you can hold down the LEFT SHIFT KEY while the dashboard is loading to pop up an emergency window the will give you the option to reset the Dashboard configuration.
NEW : Ctrl-C has been disabled, you can close the Dashboard using the close gadget on the main window and select if you want to shutdown all the running wallets or just the dashboard.
NEW : Input fields now accept CTRL-C, CTRL-X and CTRL-V to copy, cut & paste text.