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MinoriWiki is a static Wiki site Generator
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MinoriWiki is a static Wiki site Generator npm version

Currently under development - PRs welcome


  1. Install via NPM: npm install minori -g
  2. Create an empty directory
  3. minori init
  4. Edit config.yml to fit your needs
  5. Use minori note [filename] to create new note or edit existing one, you can also use api/data for filename to create directories
  6. Deploy your files generated under site directory (Default to wiki) to production environment with command minori commit.


  • source (defaults to notes) directory contains all note markdown files
  • static (defaults to static) directory will be copied to site directory, you could store any static files that may be used in your wiki site.
  • site (defaults to wiki) directory contains generated site files.

If you are going to change the site directory, just rename the wiki folder to keep Git objects.


  • minori init or minori i - Init under current working directory
  • minori note [filename] or minori n [filename] - Create or edit note
  • minori done or minori d - Generate site files
  • minori commit or minori c - Commit changes and deploy to production environment
  • minori updatecfg or minori u - Update current config.yml file with the new version installed. New config file will written to
  • minori server or minori s - Start a static file server to preview your wiki site locally.


Theme is customizable. Theme directory should contain:

  • assets directory to store style sheets, scripts, fonts, etc.
  • index.ejs is the homepage template.
  • page.ejs is the post page template.
  • changes.ejs is the changelog page template.

The following variables are passed to EJS:

  • config - the parsed config.yml object
  • categories - Array of category object:
		"name": "uncategoried",
		"pages": [
				"title": "page title",
				"link": "page-file-name",
				"category": "uncategoried",
				"time": 1471234567890,
				"content": "parsed html"
  • page - {} in homepage and the specified page object in post page.

When parsing changelog page, the commits object is passed:

        hash: '2765ac1dea7f8080048d6f603683615b2f2c2c78',
        abbrevHash: '2765ac1',
        subject: 'update',
        committerName: 'foo bar',
        committerDate: 'Tue Dec 1 15:48:53 2015 +0800',
        status: [ 'M' ],
        files: [ '' ]
    }, {
        hash: '9bf21ee34231208fd2e24469b7472b54df3954182',
        abbrevHash: '9bf21ee',
        subject: 'update',
        committerName: 'foo bar',
        committerDate: 'Tue Dec 1 15:26:06 2015 +0800',
        status: [ 'M' ],
        files: [ '' ]


For 1200 * Format Test Page in 3 different categories:

  • with MathJax
~> time minori d
minori d  70.00s user 1.42s system 105% cpu 1:07.76 total
  • without MathJax
~> time minori d
minori d  10.91s user 1.01s system 105% cpu 11.320 total

Tested on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015 (i7-5600U / 16G RAM / 512G NVMe) with Arch Linux.



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