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phoenixnap Bare Metal Cloud
Pulumi phoenixNAP Provider

The Pulumi phoenixNAP provider makes it easy to deploy and manage your Bare Metal Cloud infrastructure with familiar programming languages such as JavaScript or Python.

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Creating a Bare Metal Cloud account

You need to have a Bare Metal Cloud account in order to use the pnap Pulumi provider with Bare Metal Cloud.

  1. Go to the Bare Metal Cloud signup page.
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  3. Use your credentials to log in to Bare Metal Cloud portal.

▶️ Video tutorial: How to Create a Bare Metal Cloud Account

▶️ Video tutorial: Introduction to Bare Metal Cloud

Installing Pulumi locally

Check out this official tutorial to learn how to install Pulumi on your local machine.

Installing the provider

This package is available in many languages in the standard packaging formats.

Node.js (Java/TypeScript)

To use from JavaScript or TypeScript in Node.js, install using either npm or yarn:

$ npm install pulumi-pnap

$ yarn add pulumi-pnap


To use from Python, install using pip:

$ pip install pulumi-pnap


To use from Go, use go get to grab the latest version of the library

$ go get


You need to create a configuration file called config.yaml and save it in the user home directory. This file is used to authenticate access to your Bare Metal Cloud resources.

File path for Linux: /.pnap/config.yaml.

File path for Windows: \\AppData\\Roaming\\pnap\\config.yaml.

The configuration file needs to include only two lines:

			clientId: <enter your client id>
			clientSecret: <enter your client secret>

To get the values for the clientId and clientSecret, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Bare Metal Cloud portal.
  2. On the left side menu, click on API Credentials.
  3. Click the Create Credentials button.
  4. Fill in the Name and Description fields, select the permissions scope and click Create.
  5. In the table, click on Actions and select View Credentials from the dropdown.
  6. Copy the values from the Client ID and Client Secret fields into your config.yaml file.


For detailed reference documentation, please visit the API docs.

Bare Metal Cloud community

Become part of the Bare Metal Cloud community to get updates on new features, help us improve the platform, and engage with developers and other users.



Contact phoenixNAP

Get in touch with us if you have questions or need help with Bare Metal Cloud.


phoenixnap Bare Metal Cloud