CGI script that lets virtual VMailMgr users change their passwords via web interface
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VMailMgr chpw CGI

This is a Python CGI script that lets virtual VMailMgr/qmail users change their own mail passwords via a web interface.

This script is specifically tailored to work on hosts at But it may also work on other qmail-based systems as long as virtual mail users are managed via VMailMgr.


To install the script, simply extract all the repository contents into a folder under your document root. No paths need to be configured. Only make sure that the location is reachable via HTTPS.


This is a majorly refined version of a script originally developed by Dirk Boye. See dirkboye/mailpw_change at GitHub for the original source code.


  • Q: Can I use the script via unencrypted HTTP?
    A: No, HTTPS is hard-coded. So unless you change that in the code, you can't. And honestly, you really shouldn't.

  • Q: Do I need to put the script in /cgi-bin/?
    A: In most cases, no. The script comes with an .htaccess that enables CGI execution for the current directory. Generally, that should work. If not, your administrator may have disabled option overriding in which case you actually need to put it in /cgi-bin/. But in most cases (and especially on Uberspaces) it should work just fine.

  • Q: I only get an error 500 and the log file says something about suEXEC policy violation. How do I fix that?
    A: Make sure both the as well as the containing directory have the permissions 0755. Any higher permissions will usually result in that error.