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item = ASIN.lookup ‘1430218150’, :AWSAccessKeyId => ‘your-api-key’
=> Learn Objective-C on the Mac (Learn Series)

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Take your coding skills to the next level with this extensive guide to Objective\342\200\223C, the native programming language for developing sophisticated software applications for Mac OS X. Objective\342\200\223C is a powerful, object\342\200\223oriented extension of C, making this book the perfect follow\342\200\223up to Dave Mark\342\200\231s best\342\200\223selling Learn C on the Mac, Mac OS X Edition. Whether you\342\200\231re an experienced C programmer or you\342\200\231re coming from a different language such as C++ or Java, leading Mac experts Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster show you how to harness the powers of Objective\342\200\223C in your applications!

  • A complete course on the basics of Objective\342\200\223C using Apple\342\200\231s free Xcode tools
  • An introduction to object\342\200\223oriented programming
  • Comprehensive coverage of inheritance, composition, object initialization, categories, protocols, memory management, and organizing source files
  • A brief tour of Cocoa\342\200\231s Foundation framework and AppKit
  • A helpful \342\200\234learning curve\342\200\235 guide for non\342\200\223C developers

What you\342\200\231ll learn

  • Learn Objective\342\200\223C programming, the gateway to programming your Mac or iPhone.
  • Write applications for the Mac OS X interface, the cleanest user\342\200\223interface around.
  • Understand variables and how to design your own data structures.
  • Work with the file system.
  • Connect to data sources and the Internet.

Who is this book for?

For anyone wanting to learn to program native applications in Mac OS X, including developers new to the Mac, developers new to Objective\342\200\223C, or students entirely new to programming.

” Source=“Product Description”>> ImageSets=<#Hashie::Mash ImageSet=<#Hashie::Mash Category=“primary” LargeImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“500” URL=“” Width="378"> MediumImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“160” URL=“” Width="121"> SmallImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“75” URL=“” Width="57"> SwatchImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“30” URL=“” Width="23">>> ItemAttributes=<#Hashie::Mash Author=[“Mark Dalrymple”, “Scott Knaster”] Binding=“Paperback” Brand=“Apress” DeweyDecimalNumber=“005.117” EAN=“9781430218159” Edition=“1st ed. 2009. Corr. 3rd printing” Feature=[“ISBN13: 9781430218159”, “Condition: NEW”, “Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.”] ISBN=“1430218150” ItemDimensions=<#Hashie::Mash Weight="300"> Label=“Apress” Languages=<#Hashie::Mash Language=[<#Hashie::Mash Name=“English” Type="Unknown">, <#Hashie::Mash Name=“English” Type=“Original Language”>, <#Hashie::Mash Name=“English” Type="Published">]> ListPrice=<#Hashie::Mash Amount=“3999” CurrencyCode=“USD” FormattedPrice=“$39.99”> MPN=“978-1-4302-1815-9” Manufacturer=“Apress” NumberOfItems=“1” NumberOfPages=“350” PackageDimensions=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“102” Length=“921” Weight=“123” Width="701"> ProductGroup=“Book” PublicationDate=“2009-01-02” Publisher=“Apress” Studio=“Apress” Title=“Learn Objective\342\200\223C on the Mac (Learn Series)”> LargeImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“500” URL=“” Width="378"> MediumImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“160” URL=“” Width="121"> OfferSummary=<#Hashie::Mash LowestNewPrice=<#Hashie::Mash Amount=“1678” CurrencyCode=“USD” FormattedPrice=“$16.78”> LowestUsedPrice=<#Hashie::Mash Amount=“367” CurrencyCode=“USD” FormattedPrice=“$3.67”> TotalCollectible=“0” TotalNew=“38” TotalRefurbished=“0” TotalUsed="30"> SalesRank=“11074” SmallImage=<#Hashie::Mash Height=“75” URL=“” Width="57">> Request=<#Hashie::Mash IsValid=“True” ItemLookupRequest=<#Hashie::Mash Condition=“New” DeliveryMethod=“Ship” IdType=“ASIN” ItemId=“1430218150” MerchantId=“Amazon” OfferPage=“1” ResponseGroup=“Medium” ReviewPage="1">>> OperationRequest=<#Hashie::Mash Arguments=<#Hashie::Mash Argument=[<#Hashie::Mash Name=“Operation” Value="ItemLookup">, <#Hashie::Mash Name=“Service” Value="AWSECommerceService">, <#Hashie::Mash Name=“XMLEscaping” Value="Double">, <#Hashie::Mash Name=“Signature” Value=“Hf8iKBz/3+RGXGLBz9o+s+xOppXKF93QTa6d3tpJpsk=”>,


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