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headline 'BYOL - B ring Y our O wn L ogging'
paragraph 'build a heroku logging-addon in 15 minutes'
headline 'TOPICS'
list [
'heroku addon-api',
'kensa gem',
headline 'LOG-DRAINS'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku info | head -n8'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku drains'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku addons:open papertrail'
link 'heroku logplex drains', ''
link 'accessing logs', ''
paragraph 'RESTful HTTP'
list [
"PROVISION => post '/heroku/resources'",
"DEPROVISION => delete '/heroku/resources/:id'",
"PLAN CHANGE => put '/heroku/resources/:id'",
"SSO => get '/heroku/resources/:id'",
"SSO LOGIN => post '/sso/login'",
"SSO INDEX => get '/'",
paragraph 'add some sprinkles of JSON'
headline 'KENSA GEM'
command 'gem install kensa'
command 'kensa 2>&1 | head -n7'
code("kensa create ADDON_NAME --template TEMPLATE_NAME")
list [
link 'sinatra template', ''
code("kensa create let-it-drain --template sinatra")
command 'cd ~/l && jq "." -C addon-manifest.json'
paragraph 'some customizations:'
list [
'persistance with mongodb',
'https syslog endpoint',
'websocket connection',
link 'moar addon code', ''
paragraph 'see it in action'
command 'cd ~/l && bin/clear'
command 'cd ~/l && kensa sso 554e15e9776f725044000000'
command 'cd ~/l && rougify bin/log'
command 'cd ~/l && bin/log'
link 'provisioning', ''
command 'cd ~/l && kensa test provision'
command 'cd ~/l && kensa test all'
command 'cd ~/l && rougify use_let_it_drain.rb'
command 'cd ~/l && kensa run ruby use_let_it_drain.rb'
command 'cd ~/l && heroku addons:open papertrail'
command 'cd ~/l && kensa run --production ruby use_let_it_drain.rb'
headline 'PORTAL'
link 'submit to heroku', ''
link 'management portal', ''
command 'cd ~/o && heroku addons:destroy let-it-drain --confirm onruby'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku addons:create let-it-drain:test'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku drains'
command 'cd ~/o && heroku addons:open let-it-drain'
command 'curl -sS > /dev/null'
command 'cowsay -f bunny "Questions?"'
link 'computering', ''
command 'cowsay -f dragon KTHXBYE'