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Simple caching-utility for persisting arbitrary data in a file.

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Simple caching utility that persists arbitrary data in files.


$ gem install phoet-file_cache -s

How to use

Just include the FileCache module and use the provided file_cache method

include FileCache […] file_cache :the_name_of_the_action_you_execute do #some stuff that should be cached, an external API call f.e. end

The block you are providing is only executed if there is no cache-data provided or if the cache is expired. By default, the cache expires after half an hour, but you can override this behavior by passing in time you want the content to be cached as a second argument.

file_cache :the_name_of_the_action_you_execute, 60 do …

FileCache persists the return-value of the given block in a file in your local tmpfolder. You may override this behavior by setting the file_cache_dir.


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