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@@ -6,16 +6,23 @@ Simple caching utility that persists arbitrary data in files.
$ gem install phoet-file_cache -s
-== Dependencies
== How to use
Just include the FileCache module and use the provided +file_cache+ method
+ include FileCache
+ [...]
file_cache :the_name_of_the_action_you_execute do
#some stuff that should be cached, an external API call f.e.
The block you are providing is only executed if there is no cache-data provided or if the cache is expired.
+By default, the cache expires after half an hour, but you can override this behavior by passing in time you want the content to be cached as a second argument.
+ file_cache :the_name_of_the_action_you_execute, 60 do ...
+FileCache persists the return-value of the given block in a file in your local _tmp-folder_.
+You may override this behavior by setting the +file_cache_dir+.
+ self.file_cache_dir='path_to_other_dir'

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