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I dont give a shit - Is a helper for handling nil in deep data structures.
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I dont give a shit (idgas)

Inspired by groovys questionmark-syntax. 'I dont give a shit' tries to implement this behavior in ruby.

You can put a ? behind every method-call to ignore, weather it returns nil.

So chaining of calls within deep data-structures is painless:


This call would return the price of the second item in the shopping-cart or nil if some of the objects in the data-structure is nil itself.


$ gem install phoet-idgas -s

How to use

Just require the gem and put it in a place where it can override the default behavior of your script. You might put it as an initializer in your rails application or something like that.

$ irb -rubygems require 'i_dont_give_a_shit' nil.i?.dont?.give?.a?.shit? => nil

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