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jhilden commented Jul 5, 2012

The discussion came up in the Facebook group of the organizers of Global Ruby User Groups (http://www.facebook.com/groups/globalrug/465925740101789/?comment_id=465999246761105&notif_t=group_comment_reply) whether it makes sense for more RUGs to use onruby?

So far I think the scope of onruby.de is only on German speaking countries (because of the .de TLD). Don't know about international RUGs, however forking is always an option.

As far as I could tell the RUG Saarland was definitely interested to be part of onruby.de: http://www.meetup.com/ruby-user-group-saarland/

Let the discussion begin :)


rubiii commented Jul 5, 2012

i don't think we're limited to onruby.de. the idea for this was to serve as a service for every kind of usergroup really.


phoet commented Jul 5, 2012

since i am not on failbook (anymore) i won't be able to discuss anything there.

despite that fact, the onruby code is not limited to the de toplevel domain.

i am currently in contact with karlsruhe (they already work on a fork) and munich (they are discussing it right now in their first meetup since ages). berlin is also positive about that, even though i think that they will rather stay "independend" if you know what i mean...

i would be glad to help other usergroups to get in touch and have their ug hosted!


SweeD commented Jul 5, 2012


I'm from the RUGSaar organisation team and i want to add our user group to your cool tool, too and think about creating a fork these days. :)

I thought, it would be great to work on this service, so it could become a RUG-hosting platform for almost every country in the world.

The question is, if it should be limited by the country-tlds (so there would be a lot of domains and costs) or if it would make sense to have only one domain like onruby.com and only the city/region of the RUG in the subdomain or also the country?

Sorry if i sprung it on you, it was just an idea.

P.S. This RUG-Tool rocks! 🤘


rubiii commented Jul 5, 2012

i don't think it has to be limited to ruby at all. and the domain should be the last thing to limit this project.


rubiii commented Jul 5, 2012

@SweeD welcome :)


phoet commented Jul 5, 2012

@SweeD domains are cheap. it's more about easy access and visibility of all the relevant usergroups, so that it's easy for someone to find a UG near his location.

the more usergroups we have on bord the more usefull features will emerge, so go, give it a try. it's just ~50 lines of config and a logo that is necessary to get you started.


SweeD commented Jul 6, 2012

You're right, the most domains are cheap.
But what, if someone with a user group in Taiwan want to add his RUG to the project?

Should he do

  1. Buy the domain
  2. PullRequest for the country separation of RUGs by TLD
  3. PullRequest for adding the RUG

I ask, because i could imagine, that other people in the facebook group of RUG organisators would add their RUG, too.


SweeD commented Jul 6, 2012

Oh and @rubiii
Thank you. 😏


phoet commented Jul 6, 2012

@SweeD we already have support for custom TLDs (http://www.colognerb.de/) and there should also be auto-support for *.whateverdomain to map to our usergroups. so we can just use onruby.com if we like.

the only thing that you need is to point the CNAME of the TLD to heroku and then add it to our application. pretty easy thing to do.

before spreading the word to non-german usergroups, i would first like to have some more german usergroups using it to see how this works out in the mid-term.

we would also need to provide translations for the page in other languages (france ie) and probably support for multi language comments and event-names or add some kind of google translate to it.


SweeD commented Jul 7, 2012

In TLD-speration, i meant the index of all RUGs for the particular country, defined by the TLD (.de, .fr, .pl, etc..) like http://onruby.de/home not custom domains for each RUG. (but that is a really cool feature!)

But i got your point and you're right:
It would make sense to first have some german groups to see how it works.


phoet commented Sep 23, 2012

i am trying to get a slot in the lightning talks at arrrcamp to present onruby.de and have some more usergroups using the app. would be awesome if you could spread the word too.

phoet closed this Dec 3, 2012

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