Thumbor S3 backend based on botornado async client.
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thumbor_botornado provides an S3 loader for Thumbor using the botornado async AWS S3 client.

Credentials are loaded from environment or filesystem as per boto configuration - generally $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY or ~/.aws/credentials.

There are no configuration parameters - access control should be enforced with Thumbor URL signing and AWS access key policies.

Implementation can be seen in

thumbor_botornado was inspired by thumbor_aws which has more configuration options, but at time of writing uses a blocking S3 client, limiting concurrency.



pip install

You should probably replace master with a stable tag or SHA1 from the releases page.

In your thumbor.conf:

LOADER = 'thumbor_botornado.s3_loader'

Ensure you have boto-discoverable AWS credentials.

Then just use bucket-name/object-path instead of a full URL in Thumbor URLs. To load images/example.png from an S3 bucket named example-assets without signature or filters etc, the Thumbor URL would be http://thumbor-hostname.example/unsafe/example-assets/images/example.png.


© 2014 99designs Inc. Released under the MIT license.