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BenMB:twitterbuddy ben$ twitterBuddy -h
Usage: twitterBuddy [options]
    -u, --username login             Login to twitter with username [login]
    -p, --password pass              Login to twitter with password [pass]
    -n, --num-tweets num             Show [num] tweets
    -l, --line-breaks breaks         Insert [breaks] linebreaks between each tweet
    -w, --who who                    Select which tweets to show (public, me, friends)
    -s, --search query               Show results of search for keyword [query]
    -g, --hashtag tag                Shows only tweets with hashtag of [tag]
    -t, --title title                Replaces title text with custom [title] string
    -i, --hide-title                 Hide title string
    -h, --help                       Show this message
	Note: the --search and --hashtag switches have precedence over the -w flag.
	Also: you do not need to supply username and password flags to use the --search and --hashtag switches.