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Support for String valueSeparator #13

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It seems that the ArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec does not have any method to specify the value separator as a String. Why is that? Internally, it does make use of a String to represent valueSeparator. I need to have ": :" as the value separator for my option values.


Can you give an example of a command line you'd like JOpt Simple to parse, but currently doesn't?


solve --question=apple:fruit::jasmine:?

I need to split the "apple:fruit::jasmine:?" as "apple:fruit" and "jasmine:?". So, in this case the value separator needs to be "::" a string. I was able to do that sometime back, don't exactly remember the version and I unfortunately lost the code as it was just a POC. But right now, there is nothing to provide String as a value separator even thought it internally uses String.


It looks as though your intended option arguments are SAT-style analogies "X is to Y as Z is to W".

One possibility would be to configure the parser like so:


where Analogy is your own "value type" (one-arg String ctor or public static valueOf(String) method); Analogy could then take on the responsibility for parsing the value.

On the other hand, ArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec.withValuesSeparatedBy() could be overloaded to accept a String separator rather than a char separator. It isn't this way now because no one had asked about it and I couldn't imagine wanting it.

Let me know your preference.


I have a class which overloads the function right now but it would have been better if there was one in place.

Thank you for your time.


@njadhav Have a look at this and let me know whether it suits your needs. Thanks!


I have already implemented this functionality in a sub-class but this looks good. Thanks a lot.

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