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Phon Demo Project

Phon Projects

Phon projects exist as folders on your hard disk. Each project folder contains a project.xml file along with one or more corpus folders. Each corpus folder may contain one or more session files (ending with .xml)


When opening Phon you will be presented with the 'Workspace' window. The Phon workspace is a folder where one or more projects are stored. The default workspace is <user home>/Documents/PhonWorkspace. You may change the location of the workspace folder by clicking on the 'Workspace Folder' button in the top-left corner of the workspace window.

To install the Demo project, copy the folder containing this README to the <user home>/Documents/PhonWorkspace folder. Note: You may need to create this folder if Phon has not been opened. After copying the folder, click 'Refresh' in the 'Workspace' window.


The default media folder for a project is __res/media. Media may reside externally to the Phon workspace folder. You may assign more than one media folder, for example one folder for each of your datasets. Phon will automatically look into these folders for files that match the media filenames within Phon session transcripts (see Session Information view panel within the Session Editor). This also facilitates portability in case you must read your media from different locations (for example one in your office and the other one in your home.)

Media folders may be setup from the Workspace window in Phon. To install the Demo Project media in an external media folder:

  1. Click 'Select Media Folders' (bottom-right of the 'Workspace' window)

  2. Click the add folder button (top-left corner of the list, marked with a '+')

  3. Choose the folder where media will be stored (e.g., <user home>/Movies)

  4. Copy the files from the __res/media folder found in the project folder into the media folder selected in step 3 (e.g., <user home>/Movies)

More Information

For more information visit where you can also find Tutorial Videos for help getting started with Phon.

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