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Changes from Phon 2.1.8

Version 3.0.0 is a significant update to Phon and is recommended for all users.

  • General improvements to user interface
    • Updated Welcome and Project windows
    • New look and feel for wizards
  • Improved phone alignment
  • Revamped Query & Report system
    • Streamlined Query & Report wizard
    • New Report Composer for creating customized query reports
    • Reports are now generated in HTML format. Report tables can be exported to CSV and Excel formats.
    • New query history implementation allowing access to previously executed queries directly from the Query wizard. Entries in the query history can be 'named' and will appear in a combo box next to the query history controls.
  • Updates to the phonex language
    • Added grouping ability including capturing groups, named groups, non-capturing groups, look ahead/behind, and back references
    • Added support for or'ed group expressions.
    • Added support for C/C++ style comments (i.e., /* */ and //)
  • Refactored Praat support
    • Improved TextGrid support
    • Updated acoustic data reports for new Query system
    • Added VoT acoustic data report
  • New analyses
  • New syllabifier languages: Babbling, Icelandic, German, Slovenian
  • New ipa lookup languages: Ewe, Persian

Phon 3.0+ only supports 64-bit operating systems.

The full changelog is available at For documentation visit or